We Stand Together Against Bullying


My name is Frank Shamrock, I am a 4 time Ultimate Fighting and mixed martial arts champion and one of the founders of the sport of MMA.


For 15 years I fought in the cage and around the world, promoting the benefits of a martial arts lifestyle for personal guidance and the health of our communities. 


I retired from fighting in June of 2010 and have been enjoying time with my family and traveling around the US connecting with our culture.


Last month, I was the victim of cyber-bullying and in the days following my attack, I came to see that this is a major epidemic in America and around the world.


I decided to start Stand Up Together, a global campaign for change.  I believe that education, opportunity and community will make that change in our world. 

We created this site as tool to educate and activate you, our community!

Join us online to chat or upload your video or story and get connected.


Stand Together with me against Bullying!


Thank you, Frank Shamrock

Need Help 24x7 in the USA from a trained professional on

Bullying, depression or suicide.

Call the Trevor Lifeline toll free:

We Stand Together Against Bullying